Marco Polo

          The famous Marco Polo was born in Venice in the year 1254. He had a rich and noble family. Growing up, Polo learned whatever kids were learning his age at that time. He learned of classical authors, he learned to understand the text of the Bible and the theology of the Latin Church. Polo was only six years old when his father Niccolo and his uncle Maffeo left on an expedition to Cathay. Cathay was actually the land of China!

          Five years later Niccolo and Maffeo returned. Polo was fifteen years old. Sadly, his mother was already dead. The three of them stayed in Venice for about two more years. Then, they all went on a second journey to Cathay (China). This journey was more courageous than the first.

          I think that Polo’s father was his influence to become a voyager. His uncle also probably played a part in Polo’s inspiration. Furthermore, Polo’s family was rich. They probably provided resources for his expeditions. Also, since Polo’s family was wealthy he was probably taken more seriously. Therefore, he was able to voyage.

          When they began the second voyage, Marco was seventeen years old. It was the Polos and two friars. The friars turned back after reaching a war zone. However, the Polos kept going. They stayed on a silk road to China. They didn’t want to travel the same route that they traveled last time so they turn a wide turn to the north. Farther into the journey they reached the Taklimakan Desert. Some of the local people there were sick and Marco blamed it on the drinking water.

          During this long trip, 600 passengers and crew died! People aren’t fully aware of how all of these men died. Some sources say that the men died from scurvy. Some say that they might have drowned. Also, some say that maybe there were severe pirate attacks! Those friars were smart to leave and go back home. It took two years for Marco Polo to get back home.

          Marco Polo is indeed an admirable voyager. His father and uncle, Niccolo and Maffeo were also strong during the voyage. This expedition was not an easy one. It was long and tiring. However, Marco Polo made it through. This was all about the famous Marco Polo.


Written By Isaiah M.

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