Robert Edwin Peary


Many people know of Robert Peary. But, yet many people do not know about Robert Peary.  The American explorer Robert Edwin Peary is famous for his discovery of the North Pole, he was one of the last and greatest of the dog team-and-sledge polar explorers. So, lets get to know him! First, we’ll start off with his childhood and keep moving. Robert Edwin Peary was born on May 6, 1856. Peary was born in Cressen, Pennsylvania. 

          Peary was born to a family of business men, not explorers or adventures. That shows that he really didn’t have much influence since most of his family was business people. His father Charles Nutter Peary, had moved from Maine to the mountains of Pennsylvania to join his brothers in the shook trade, or the manufacture of barrel staves.  The American explorer Frederick Albert Cook stated that he reached the North Pole in 1908, but his claim is not widely accepted. The conquest of the North Pole is traditionally credited to American Navy engineer Robert Edwin Peary, who claimed to have reached the Pole on April 6, 1909, accompanied by American Matthew Henson and four Inuit men named Ootah, Seeglo, Egigingwah, and Ooqueah. However, Peary's claim remains controversial. The party that accompanied Peary on the final stage of the journey included no one who was trained in navigation and could independently confirm his own navigational work, which some claim to have been particularly sloppy as he approached the Pole.

Well, he must have had a lot of luck to make that journey. I bet it took a whole lot of determination. But, Peary did make it, which is pretty amazing. Well, on the journey Peary did face a lot of things. Many of these things were his ships getting stuck in the ice, high parellel ridges of rubble ice, getting engulfed in snow filled hollows, crevices and lanes of open water, heavy gales of wind and snow that only and Inuit could keep the trail, thin ice, etc. So, I bet he had very much trouble on this journey.

Trips to the North and South Pole have been done pretty often in recent times. There's even a whole command base near the South Pole. Robert Peary helped to open up the world to the coldest places on Earth while Matthew Henson became the first African-American to reach the North Pole. Peary was a great arctic explorer. Just for anyone who doesn’t know the north pole is the point where an imaginary line drawn through the Earth, representing its axis, would exit the earth’s surface at the top of the world. The south pole is the point where the same imaginary line would exit at the opposite end of the globe.

Robert Peary retired from the Navy in 1911 with the rank of rear admiral. He had three books published about his explorations. Robert Peary died on February 20, 1920 in Washington D.C.. There were also a handful of people who honored him and praised him for what he had achieved. they had three ships named after him. In Cresson, Pennsylvania part of Route 22 is named the Admiral Peary Highway. they had three ships named after him. In Cresson, Pennsylvania part of Route 22 is named the Admiral Peary Highway. It must have been sad seeing such a great person go like that. I think that Peary is very important to our history. So live on, to the greatest arctic explorer ever!



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